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Simon Sinek has a brilliantly simple analytical way of thinking

Walk down any city street and it will only be a matter of minutes before you spot a Nike Swoosh

Appeal to instinctive thinkers on their level to build a better brand experience

Your people are as important to your brand as your customers

The business structure cannot define the brand, but the brand can define the business structure

No communications strategy can succeed without being grounded in the core brand values.

As you know we are great fans of Simon Sinek, and think his ability to explain the complex with simplicity is so engaging and educational. Here he explains corporate leadership but if you swap brand with corporate you won’t go far wrong.

Uze Mobility believe they can let their customers use their vehicles for free – Now that is brave!

Needs to be authentic, relevant, captivating, original and shareable.

Colour influences not only our mood but also our desire to buy